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Are you thinking about buying a house today?  Okay, maybe not today, but are you thinking about it?  Buying a home can be overwhelming.  There is so much information available on the web that is is hard to bring it all together to make a decision.  We call this analysis paralysis.  Interesting enough, once you find a home that you think would be a great fit for you there are several more processes to get through:  Negotiating an offer, negotiating inspections, getting the loan, and managing the escrow process.  You need seasoned professionals to get you to the final closing and “jingle celebration” where you are handed the keys to your new home.  We have 24 years combined experience and over 200 satisfied clients to show that we can get you where you want to go.

OUR GOAL: To educate you to the market and help you negotiate the lowest possible price and best terms for your home – sometimes this just means winning the bid and getting your home.

What The Kearney Group will provide you:

  • Complementary Initial Consultation to Assess Your Needs
  • Access to MLS and Non-MLS Listings
  • Preview all Appropriate Listings
  • Market Knowledge to Negotiate a Fair Price
  • Expertise in Negotiating Inspections
  • Knowledge on Local and State Disclosure Requirements
  • Title Company, Inspector, Real Estate Attorney, Contractor & Service Recommendations/Referrals.
  • A Successful Transaction
  • After Sale Service

We strive to impress you with our knowledge, dedication and services so that you will refer us your friends, family and neighbors.  Click the “Let’s Talk” button and send us your information today or call 415-297-3874 for our detailed Buyer’s Guide and to set up an appointment.

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